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Lifes Game: Make Everyday a Game is an app that lets you add an element of 'gamification' to your day-to-day life. This means you can go about completing your daily tasks in a fun way, gaining experience and silver coins, just like you would in your favorite RPG.

From the main screen in Lifes Game: Make Everyday a Game you can see your user profile, which contains your avatar (a picture), your life points, experience, level, and silver coins. From the same screen, you can also create daily activities. To create an activity you just need to give it a name, a time limit, and a money value. That way, when you complete said activity, you will get that amount of coins as a reward.

And what are these silver coins used for? Simply put, for rewards. From the reward screen you can buy all kinds of 'gifts' for yourself: free time to watch TV or read a book, taking a siesta, eating pizza or chocolate, etc. You can also set up your own custom rewards.

Lifes Game: Make Everyday a Game is a great app that lets you 'gamify' your daily life in a simple way. There is also a statistics page where you can check all kinds of additional details about your daily, weekly, and monthly activity.
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Requires Android 4.0.3

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